Same as delicious cuisine JOKBA

Jokbal pork dish is a very popular Korean people worldwide. In translation, it means pork leg or foot (bone) was spicy and sweet. It sounds exotic and attractive to foreigners, but anyone who has ever tried jokbal will feel the charm of this exquisite dish. Pork is seasoned with black taffy, soy sauce and ginger make up the irresistible flavor of this meat

The secret celebrity make up this meat is sliced ??thick and simmer for 2-3 hours whether in steam rising from the pot ho.Khi haapscos mean steak was cooked perfect. The secret of good beef flavor lies in the rich broth, and to this day, broth recipe every restaurant is considered top secret.

Almost all of the restaurants will serve the same condiments and side dishes to accompany jokbal. Various side dishes include lettuce, mul kimchi, kimchi, diced beets, and Buchu (Leek Korea). And spices usually including ssamjang (mixture of pepper and fermented beans) and eat shrimp, salted to ngam.Khi, jokbal can be wrapped in lettuce leaves with some dishes or condiments to take enjoy full flavor of this dish.